Danny answered breathless on the first ring, shouting that Bryanna had choked on her bottle.

I screamed and dropped the phone. When I realized what I had done, I grabbed the dangling phone and told him that I was on my way to the local hospital.

My coworker turned on her flashing hazard lights and sped us to the hospital as fast as she safely could. I looked at her on the way there and said several times, “I think my baby is dead.” My coworker tried to reassure me, “Don’t think that way. You don’t know yet.” I listened to her words, but somehow, I already knew in my heart that Bryanna was gone. Maybe it was a mother’s instinct or perhaps, I was just mentally preparing myself for the very worst.

June 2, 2000, was the beginning of the end. Bryanna Faith choked on her evening bottle while at home in the care of her father, Daniel. Her mother, Angie, rushed to the emergency room to be at her side, but barely four months after Bryanna was born, she was already gone. Angie did not think that it could get any worse than the loss of a child, but almost a year later, when the horror of her death was revealed, the nightmare truly began. My Little Piece of Sunshine, is a journey in search of justice for Bryanna. Bryanna Faith did not have a voice while she was alive, but she will have a voice now, as her story is told, with the hope that no child will ever suffer like she did.